I work in the field of marketing communications, but I am passionate about music, video games and storytelling. I decided to gain 3D modeling skills following the release of Bioware's epic RPG, "Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic" in 2003. It was a revelation. I started with Poser, Bryce and Vue Esprit, creating architectural structures from symmetrical lattices. I am now learning to use ZBrush, Hexagon and trueSpace. My goal is to be able to model all the strange fantasy creatures that inhabit my imagination.

"The Traveller's Last Journey" was one of my early 3D images using Vue Esprit back in 2005. It depicted a barren, alien landscape and the last resting place of an unfortunate explorer. The image didn't reveal how the explorer had died. The mystery of his death was left to the viewer to imagine.


It was the beginning of my journey into the world of Digital Art and unlike the traveller in my image who had met a grisly end on a distant planet, my own journey would prove to be the most gratifying adventure. On a personal level, as much as on an artistic level.


This website is my way to keep a diary of my progress and experiences in the Digital Art landscape.





I love composing music. Why not explore the artwork below while listening to two tracks produced under the artist name D-Konstructed.



This work in progress follows the adventures of Shadowborn, a demon banished to a forsaken world for plotting against the ruler of Asheroth, an immortal named Rayan. After forty years of forced exile, Shadowborn is visited by the mysterious Nafira, last surviving member of the Black Moon Order -- a religious order entrusted with guiding and guarding the souls of the dead in the afterlife, until their time comes to be reborn.


Nafira tells Shadowborn how the infamous king of Asheroth slaughtered her sisters to steal "The Eye of Seraphyr" -- a mysterious gem which, if misused, can enslave the souls of the dead and channel their energy to gain infinite power.


Since Rayan stole the "Eye", no soul has been able to complete the sacred cycle of "Life, Death and Rebirth". Nafira is offering to free Shadowborn, if he kills Rayan for her. For only an immortal can defeat another immortal...


(Note: a sample page of "The Burning Citadels of Asheroth" was featured on the Poser 7 product box)


In a post-apocalyptic totalitarian world where resources are limited, a government agent by the name of Malkira sees her beliefs shattered after witnessing an atrocity committed by the regime she supports and works for...

"Darghon shall bear a Child, that will awaken the Heart of the Kingdom. What was thought to be lost shall rise from the ashes of the burning citadels of Asheroth. And the Eye shall watch as blood is shed upon the Altar of Betrayal."

Ancient Prophecy




Warning : may contain artistic nudity

Science Fiction


3D Modeling


SMB-S01 Bot for Poser (PC)

Large (but resizable) Poser figure that comes in two colours: Black and Dark Green (textures included). Figure assembled in Poser 6.


**For Non-Commercial Use Only**

SMB-S01 Bot for Vue (PC)

Vue object that comes in two colours: Black and Dark Green. Textures included. Object assembled in Vue 5.


**For Non-Commercial Use Only**


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